March 7, 2013

Reload parent dialog content when child dialog is closed

Question by user1277546

I have a large jQuery dialog window that opens up many more dialog windows inside when buttons are clicked in the parent dialog window for updating the database.

I want to update the parent window when the child dialogs are closed.

I can see how to do this with event close and load(url) but how do I make the association between child and parent without specifying each and every ID.

Answer by Starx

Without some markup structures, I cannot understand how your child dialogs resides inside parent.

jQuery has a function called .closest() that travel up the DOM tree to find the nearest matching selector, so you can use this by giving a class to the parent dialog. And select them, when you want to use it like.

$(this).closest(".parent").html("Updated Content");
// ^ Represent your child dialog as you want

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