May 29, 2013

How to get value of radio button with dynamically generated name

Daniel Young’s Question:

I have a whole bunch of radio buttons with dynamically generated names like below:

        <input type="radio" id="Red<?php echo $wineID; ?>" name="category<?php echo $wineID; ?>" value="Red" <?php if ($category == "Red") { ?>checked="true"<?php } ?>>
          <label for="Red<?php echo $wineID; ?>">Red</label>

        <input type="radio" id="White<?php echo $wineID; ?>" name="category<?php echo $wineID; ?>" value="White" <?php if ($category == "White") { ?>checked="true"<?php } ?>>
          <label for="White<?php echo $wineID; ?>">White</label>

        <input type="radio" id="Sparkling<?php echo $wineID; ?>" name="category<?php echo $wineID; ?>" value="Sparkling" <?php if ($category == "Sparkling") { ?>checked="true"<?php } ?>>
          <label for="Sparkling<?php echo $wineID; ?>">Sparkling</label>

I need to get the selected value and add it into my dataString for an ajax call to update my database. How can this be done using jQuery?

You can use attribute selector to get the element

$('input[name="category<?php echo $wineID; ?>:selected"')

However this uses a PHP inline script, so it will only work if rendered at the page load.

Or easiest would be:

March 3, 2013

php array to radio button

Question by user2128593

i want to create a radio button labeled with the values of my array. all i can do is to print them all. what can i use to access my array (dynamic-array) besides indexes since i will not know the order and number of files inside my languages directory? Thanks!



these files is saved at languages and i will use the file names as labels in my radio button form.

$files = glob("languages/*.xml");

foreach($files as $file){

   $file = substr($file, 10); //removes "languages/"
   $file = substr_replace($file, "", -4); //removes ".xml"

   <p><?=$file?></p> // prints out the filename


<form action="">
<input type="radio" name="lang" value="english">english
<input type="radio" name="lang" value="mandarin">mandarin
<input type="radio" name="lang" value="french">french

sorry for my bad english i hope i explained it well.

Answer by Starx

You can access the key of the array using foreach too. Like this:

foreach($files as $key => $value) {
August 23, 2012

I need to put script from jsFiddle to work

Question by Voyager

I have one small problem… I need to put this script to work on my page, but i don’t know how to do it…. What to copy where, and how to make jquerry working! I don’t have pre-knowledge about jquerry and don’t know how it functions…

I need instructions like where to paste which code (head, body), and what file to make (js, html) also what values to change so it works! Can someone zipp example or something?

I would be forever gratefull!


Answer by Starx

We can see the full paged version of a fiddle by adding an /show/ at the end.

Save this version of the fiddle. It contains all the scripts and resources needed for that particular fiddle to run.

Compare and meet them in your application.


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