April 4, 2012

php DOM removing the tag (not content)

Question by dr.linux

$mystring="This is mystring. <a href='http://www.google.com'>Google.</a>"; 
$dom = new DOMDocument; 
$xPath = new DOMXPath($dom); 
$nodes = $xPath->query('//a');
if($nodes->item(0)) { 
echo $dom->saveHTML();  

I want to get output:

This is mystring. Google.

But i got just:

This is mystring.

Answer by Tim Cooper

Try the following:

if($nodes->item(0)) {
    $node = $nodes->item(0);
    $node->parentNode->replaceChild(new DOMText($node->textContent), $node); 

Answer by Starx

Or, Use simple techniques to do simple things.

Here is an alternative to strip_tags()

preg_replace('#<a.*?>(.*?)</a>#i', '1', $text)
April 19, 2011

PHP: Display the first 500 characters of HTML

Question by Vin

I have a huge HTML code in a php variable like :

$html_code = '<div class="contianer" style="text-align:center;">The Sameple text.</div><br><span>Another sample text.</span>....';

I want to display only first 500 characters of this code. This character count must consider the text in HTML tags and should exclude HTMl tags and attributes while measuring the length.
but while triming the code, it should not affect DOM structure of HTML code.

How can i do it in PHP?
Is there any tuorial or working examples available?
Kindly help!!

Answer by Starx

If its the text you want, you can do this with the following too


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