February 27, 2013

Is there a x64 OAuth DLL for PHP 5.4?

Question by DaveBagler

I’m looking for a the PECL OAuth DLL for 64 bit Windows and PHP 5.4. Does anyone know where I can find the DLL (assuming it exists somewhere out there)?

There are similar questions on Stack Overflow, however I’ve gone through all the questions I could find and most of the solutions point at a few websites to download the DLL. Unfortunately none of these websites have the DLL I’m looking for.

Answer by Starx

I have searched for this recently but no luck. So short answer.


October 9, 2012

Load php_oauth.dll into local server

Question by Nich

I’m facing problem to load the php_oauth.dll extension for my xampp. I downloaded the php_oauth.dll and added extension=php_oauth.dll in php.ini , but when i restart my apache, it cannot start the server anymore.

I’m using window 7 ,64bits.
Initially, I download the file from

but i found that it was 32bits file , so I’m searching fo 64bit and found out

unfortunately,I still cannot load the oauth. Any solution to solve it? I look through many article, but it seems like dont have it, anyone can provide ,so that, others that using win 64bit can follow

Thank you!

Answer by Starx

This looks to be like a path problem. Make sure the extension is store in the correct extension directory.

The settings of this can be found inside php.ini as something like

extension_dir = C:phpextensions

By default this is ext folder inside PHP installation.

Or, follow the instruction from PHP manual while installing extensions, if you are not sure what you are doing.


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