May 31, 2013

javascript or jquery : mouse events

VJS’s Question:

Need your help in understanding this code..Is this Javascript ( expression language ) or JQuery. I tried to understand but didn’t get it.

var interval = 0, changed = false;

var start = function () {
    $(document).on('mousedown mousemove scroll touchstart touchmove keydown', change);
    setInterval(check, 1000);

 var change = function () {
    changed = true;

var check = function () {
   console.log("changed .....");


Basically I want to do something ( business logic ) if user had performed some events on browser.Got this code on net and felt like something this is doing the same what i want.

This following part is jQuery specific, all other are pure JavaScript.

$(document).on('mousedown mousemove scroll touchstart touchmove keydown', change);

This is a event handler of jQuery which is calling a native javascript function change().


  • To run the jQuery part you need to import jQuery Library from their site.

  • You can identify the jQuery selectors by user of $ infront. ($ does not always means jQuery)

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