April 22, 2013

How to replace text with links using javascript?

Hick’s Questions:

This is what I do to take out texts from a html usng Jquery:


        var texts = items[textCount]['data']['title'];
         textCount = textCount + 1;

My problem if I want the texts to be a url, then it doesn’t show up as link but also a string added to the texts variable. How do I show a link? How can add it as a href to the texts?

Output should be something like this:

Text + url

and not text being linked as url: "<a href=""+link+"">"+texts+"</a>"

Using .attr() function like this.

$(this).attr("href", "your link");

But this will only work, if you have an anchor tag if not you can create an anchor tag on the fly.

$(this).html("<a href=""+link+"">"+texts+"</a>");

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