November 23, 2012

execute string as javascript function

Question by chugh97

My object has a call back:

var MyObject = {
CallBack: "function (whichSubMenuIsClicked, subMenuObjectTag) { self.doStuff(whichSubMenuIsClicked.SubMenuItem, whichSubMenuIsClicked.HeaderColumnName, whichSubMenuIsClicked.DivIdentifier);}",

The callback is a string. Now I need to execute it using MyObject.CallBack(param1, param2)
How can this be done using jquery or javascript. The self in this case is the original widget calling another widget. Thus the call back is on the original widget.

Answer by Starx

Very bad approach but You can do it by eval()

var MyObject = { CallBack: "AName = function(param1, param2) { alert(param1 + param2); }", }



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