October 3, 2012

Rewrite rule in htaccess for mobile version

Question by Soumya Mohanan

I am using codeigniter framework for my site and I have done two site one for accessing through mobile and another for accessing through pcs. both are in same domain . My site url is like this http://mydomain.comAnd my mobile is http://mydomain.com/celphone. I need to write htaccess rule which redirect to site url http://mydomain.com/celphone when i am accessing site from mobile and i need to rewrite to http://mydomain.com/ when i am accessing the site from pc.

How can i write rewrite rule in such case ,please help any help will be appreciated.

Answer by Starx

As scessor, said, it cannot be done with .htaccess. You need to analyse the browser’s user agent for this.

Check out this mobile detection in php.

Usage is as easy as this

if ($detect->isMobile()) {
    header("location: mobile.yourdomain.com");

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