August 1, 2012

CSS: fixed position on x-axis but not y?

Question by kylex

Is there a way to fix a position on the x-axis only? So when a user scrolls up, the div tag will scroll up with it, but not side to side?

Answer by Starx

Its a simple technique using the script also. You can check a demo here too.


        'left': $(this).scrollLeft() + 15 
         //Why this 15, because in the CSS, we have set left 15, so as we scroll, we would want this to remain at 15px left


#header {
    top: 15px;
    left: 15px;
    position: absolute;

Update Credit: @PierredeLESPINAY

As commented, to make the script support the changes in the css without having to recode them in the script. You can use the following.

var leftOffset = parseInt($("#header").css('left')); //Grab the left position left first
        'left': $(this).scrollLeft() + leftOffset //Use it later

Demo 🙂

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