April 26, 2012

Finding whether time is in a defined range

Question by spsingh

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I am trying to find whether a date is in defined range. I’m using the following code:

    $apple='25 March';
    $udate= date('d F',strtotime($apple));

    echo $udate;
    $startDate='21 March';
    $realStartDate= date('d F',strtotime($startDate)) ;
    echo $realStartDate;
    $endDate='19 April';
    $realEndDate= date('d F',strtotime($endDate)) ;
    if ($udate >= $realStartDate && $udate <= $realEndDate ) {
        echo 'within tange';
        echo 'Not in range';

Where am I going wrong?

Answer by Starx

Like this

if(strtotime($givendate) > strtotime('3/21/xxxx') && strtotime($givendata) < strtotime('4/19/xxxx')) {
   // Its within range

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