April 23, 2012

Single page or multiple pages?

Question by Ferenc Kamraš

I want to make a web service where users can make their own pages. Which is the better solution:

a. Execute everything on one page with get variables, using clean urls


b. Make seperate .php files for every user

Is it a problem to have all the traffic of 500-1000 users on one page?

Answer by Your Common Sense

Second is not an option at all. It just makes no sense in the context of the dynamic web pages

Go for the first.
this is how every web site in the world works

Answer by Starx

A different way to look up what Your Common Sense has said.

Imagine you DID applied the second options, then suddenly your website booms like facebook. What do you think you will do, create over millions of pages for each user.

That is one of the worst concept NO OFFENCE, create a common page for every user to land on, control the content and elements as per them.

Author: Nabin Nepal (Starx)

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