April 17, 2012

jQuery $.post and cakePHP controller giving 400 bad request

Question by Mauritz Swanepoel

I am trying to use $.post() to retrieve a json array from a cakePHP controller. I figured I would not need a view file as I will turn autorender to false and I am expecing a json array. I manage to get a response when I use $.ajax and $.get, but using $.post I get a 400 Bad Request.

My code:

$.post("controller/action",{id: "1"}, function(data) {

public function action() {
      $this->autoRender = false;
      $array = $_POST;
      header("Content-type: application/json");
      echo json_encode($array);

Any help or tips on how to possibly do this better? As mentioned $.get, $.ajax does work, but the data callback does not return anything (but firebug shows response array).

Answer by Starx

One error I see is, no indication to expect a json output.

$.post("controller/action",{id: "1"}, function(data) {

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