April 11, 2012

Is there any research/data that shows DIV (with CSS) is faster than TABLE?

Question by deathlock

I’ve seen that similar questions have been asked before, such as: For tabular data, what renders faster, CSS or <TABLE>? or Why not use tables for layout in HTML?

However, besides being a rather old questions (2-4 years ago), I am wondering if there is actually a research/a data which proves with number that (with CSS) renders faster than for displaying tabular data.

I’m not trying to be offensive/disregarding the notion that DIV + CSS is faster (or table is more appropriate), I’m only wanting to know for practical purposes.

I also am not intending this to be a discussion/debate. A link to numbers is what I was expecting.


Like previous questions, I’m also aware that to display tabular data it is better to use table. But I just want to know which one is actually, statistically, faster.

Pardon my English, not a native speaker. Sorry if there is any offense taken.

Answer by Starx


The Discussion about Tables Or Divs have been long fought and left unsettled. As mentioned in your question yourself, the table is more logical when used to show tabular data.

Apart from this as we are moving on to HTML5, the elements are more logical then just styling components. Lets divs divide a portion and Let table display data.

Answering the Misleading Title

CSS is a stylesheet and Table is Element. The comparison between these two are obsolete.###

Read this article. This approaches different then articles normally do.

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