February 29, 2012

Can't include file on remote server

Question by user918712

My problem is that I can’t include a file on a remote server.

  echo "Includingn";
  echo "Done..n";

The script fails at the require_once function.
I’m running the script with: php -d allow_url_include=On script.php
but to make sure I have set allow_url_include and allow_url_fopen to On in php.ini

If I copy http://xx.xxx.xxx.xx:8080/path/to/myfile.inc to the browser I’m served the file.
I have also tried to include other remote files (on standard port 80), but still no luck

Where I get really confused is that everything works from my local computers at my office (mac, ubuntu), but not from our servers. I have tested it on 2 different servers, a virtual and a dedicated.
I can get the file with fopen().

Answer by Starx

This can be done by setting allow_url_include to on on php.ini.

But, as mentioned in comments, this opens a


security hole on your application.

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