December 30, 2011

Remove/Add hover after toggle Jquery

Question by hyperrjas

I have this css:

.disable {

.comment_action:hover {

I have this jQuery:

//comment button index disable
$("#mydiv").toggle(function() {

The problem for me is that when I doing click the .comment_action:hover is not disappear or removed. I want that If I doing click on the class .comment_action:hover dissapear and if I doing click again the .comment_action:hover appear.

Answer by lawrence.alan

You would need an !important added to properties you want to override in the :hover psuedo-selector…

Because :hover takes precedence, even if .disabled is applied.

Also your javascript should be calling find with .comment_action instead of comment_action

See working example:

Answer by Starx

Better solution would be toggle the class. What you are trying to do can be done in one line.

$("#mydiv").click(function() {



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