June 8, 2016

How to restrict modification to selected properties of an entity while persisting?

Let’s suppose we have an entity class and a generic FormType corresponding to the entity

class Entry {
    protected $start_time;
    protected $end_time;
    protected $confirmed; // Boolean

    // ... Other fields and getters and setters

On the CRUD of this entity, you might not want to allow any modification on start_time or end_time if the entity has been confirmed or in the above case when $confirmed === true

Here are couple of ways this can be solved:

  1. Using the EntityManager you can retrieve original data of the entity. $em->getUnitOfWork()->getOriginalEntityData($entity) returns an array with old data of an entity which can be used to reset the data.

    if($form->isSubmitted() && $editForm->isValid()) {
        // The form was submitted
        if($confirmed === true) { // if the entity was confirmed previously
            $oldData = $em->getUnitOfWork()->getOriginalEntityData($entity);
        // After this you can happily persist the data
  2. Using Form Events

    The following is a Symfony 3 Solution, try this solution for Symfony 2.

    class EntityType extends AbstractType
        public function buildForm(FormBuilderInterface $builder, array $options)
            // ....
            // ....
            // Your form fields
            $builder->addEventListener(FormEvents::POST_SET_DATA, array($this, 'onPreSetData'));
        public function onPreSetData(FormEvent $event) {
            /** @var YourEntity $entity */
            $entity = $event->getData();
            $form = $event->getForm();
            if($entity instanceof YourEntity) {
                if ($entity->getTimesheetEntry()->getTimeApproved() === true) {
                    $config = $form->get('start_time')->getConfig();
                    $options = $config->getOptions();
                    $options['disabled'] = true;
                    $form->add('start_time', get_class($config->getType()->getInnerType()), $options);
                    $config = $form->get('end_time')->getConfig();
                    $options = $config->getOptions();
                    $options['disabled'] = true;
                    $form->add('end_time', get_class($config->getType()->getInnerType()), $options);

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