March 28, 2016

listen to kernel.request event on Silex?

Lhassan Baazzi’s Question:

I want to listen to kernel.request event on Silex microframework

How ?

You can access the dispatcher service as $app['dispatcher'] and you can see here how to use it. But I think you should use Silex’s before event instead as it’s called on kernel.request as well (here is a good expample how to use it).


The links above are outdated. Before filters moved to a new middlewares section and here is how you can write one:

$app->before(function (Request $request) {
    // do what you want ...

    // if you want you can return a response so the controller won't be called
    // return new Response($content);

    // or just return null

There is a on($eventName, $callback, $priority = 0) method on silex application which you can use to listen to any event. On this particular case it will be as following.

$app->on(SymfonyComponentHttpKernelKernelEvents::REQUEST, function (SymfonyComponentHttpKernelEventGetResponseEvent $event) use ($app) {
    // Your actions

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