March 4, 2016

JS/HTML – onresize doesn't fire

LastSecondsToLive’s Question:

I wanted to add the resize event to an element (I know you can’t add resize to a specific element, but it would be fine if the JS-function would be triggered on a resize of any kind – not the specific element).

I was thinking about this:

<div onresize="wrapperResize();"></div>

This somehow doesn’t work (Safari user here). This however works:

<div onclick="wrapperResize();"></div>

Currently wrapperResize() only holds a simple console.log(). What could I do about this?

PS: This works great (traditional checked), what do I even do different?

EXTRA: The div has a fixed height and 33% of the body element wide. Even though the event should fire, when the window is resized I thought this may be the cause.

I think you should set onresize handler on window and do it in javascript, not inline html.. Like so

window.onresize = yourFunction

You cannot attach a onresize event on a <div> container. It is only available for window for most of the browsers.

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