September 10, 2013

how to get php variable in javascript

User2746093’s Question:

I want to get value of $security_code which is in captchaCode.php file, in captcha.php file through javascript.I can not include this file in captcha.php file . Here is the code of Captcha_code.php and this code not comes inside any function of this file:

$captcha = new CaptchaCode();
$security_code = str_encrypt($captcha->generateCode(6));

And here is my javascript function, through this function i want to get the value of $security:

function refresh_captcha()
    var img = document.getElementById('captcha_img');
    img.src = '<?php echo "/captcha_images.php"?>';
    jQuery("#security_code").val("<?php echo $security_code;?>");

Actually this code is for getting new encrypted value when captcha is refreshed without refreshing the page.

Send an ajax request to a page to output only the code like:

File: outputcode.php (demo only)

$captcha = new CaptchaCode();
$security_code = str_encrypt($captcha->generateCode(6));
echo $security_code;

Next, grab that value using AJAX, like for example in jQuery

$("#refresh_code").on('click', function() {
   $.get("outputcode.php", function(data) {
      //data will now hold the new code

Hope this gives you an idea.

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