February 28, 2013

Remove white space on HTML/CSS banner?

Question by js111

I have tried every kind of CSS trick I know to remove this white space including cell-padding, margins, padding ect ect.

Any idea how to remove this white space below the “sign up” on this banner?


enter image description here

Answer by ThinkingStiff

Add vertical-align: top to this <img> in the row below the row with the “sign up” <img>. I did it inline here, but you’ll probably want a class.

<img src="images/OFC_Home_Header_15.png" width="75" height="10" style="vertical-align: top">

enter image description here

Answer by Starx

This is a slicing problem. Fix this image

<img width="75" height="10" alt="" src="images/OFC_Home_Header_15.png">

This solves the problem:

<img width="75" height="10" alt="" src="images/OFC_Home_Header_15.png" style="margin-top:-2px;">

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