January 20, 2013

Detect page zoom change with jQuery in Safari

Question by C.O.

I have a problem with Safari in a web application that contains a position:fixed element. When the page is zoomed out (smaller 100%) things break and would need to be fixed by calling a function. So I’d like to detect the user’s zooming. I found this jQueryPlug-in a while ago:



It detects keyboard and mouse events that might lead to a page zoom level change. Fair enough. It works on current FF and IE but not on Safari. Any ideas what could be done to do something simmilar in current WebKit browsers?


Answer by newtron

It’s not a direct duplicate of this question since that deals with Mobile Safari, but the same solution will work.

When you zoom in, window.innerWidth is adjusted, but document.documentElement.clientWidth is not, therefore:

var zoom = document.documentElement.clientWidth / window.innerWidth;

Furthermore, you should be able to use the onresize event handler (or jQuery’s .resize()) to check for this:

var zoom = document.documentElement.clientWidth / window.innerWidth;
$(window).resize(function() {
    var zoomNew = document.documentElement.clientWidth / window.innerWidth;
    if (zoom != zoomNew) {
        // zoom has changed
        // adjust your fixed element
        zoom = zoomNew

Answer by Starx

There is a nifty plugin built from yonran that can do the detection. Here is his previously answered question on StackOverflow. It works for most of the browsers. Application is as simple as this:

window.onresize = function onresize() {
  var r = DetectZoom.ratios();
  zoomLevel.innerHTML =
    "Zoom level: " + r.zoom +
    (r.zoom !== r.devicePxPerCssPx
        ? "; device to CSS pixel ratio: " + r.devicePxPerCssPx
        : "");


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