September 18, 2012

Select recursive :last-child. Possible?

Question by Lasse Dahl Ebert

In CSS, is it possible to recursively select all :last-child from body?

Given this markup:

  <div id="_1">
    <div id="_2"></div>
  <div id="_3">
    <div id="_4">
      <div id="_5"></div>
      <div id="_6"></div>

I am looking for div no. 3, 4 and 6

Another way to put it is this:

body > :last-child,
body > :last-child > :last-child,
body > :last-child > :last-child > :last-child,
body > :last-child > :last-child > :last-child > :last-child {
  /* My stuff here */

But obviously this is not a good approach.

Answer by BoltClock

No, unfortunately that’s just about the only way to do it without modifying the HTML.

There has been at least one request for recursive versions of the :first-child and :last-child pseudo-classes, but it doesn’t seem to have gained much favor. Notice it suggests nesting and repeating the pseudo-classes in the same way as in your question:

Currently, AFAIK, we can only match children up to some exact nesting level known in advance (3 in the example below):

.container > :first-child,
.container > :first-child > :first-child,
.container > :first-child > :first-child > :first-child {}

We cannot use just :first-child context selector since it would also select first children of blocks that are not first children themselves.

So we need a sort of recursive selector that matches not just first of last child, but recursively matches all first-most and last-most elements regardless of their nesting level.

Answer by Starx

No need to chain all the way. It would be simply like this

div:last-child {
   /* Your GREAT css */


Update: On that case, give the div2 a typical class and use :not() to push out of the selection

div:last-child:not(.nolist) {
    border: 1px solid red;


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