May 10, 2012

PHP Session Variable In JavaScript

Question by user1345650

How could I input php in this so when it has a correct password it stores the information as a cookie and then allow the deletion to it too.

  <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">

    var password;

    var pass1="password";

    password=prompt('Please enter your password to view this page!',' ');

    if (password==pass1){
      alert('Password Correct! Click OK to enter!');}
        window.location="//Some Location//";


Answer by Starx

If its simple enough (As per the title)

var varname = '<?php echo $_SESSION["variable_name"]; ?>';

But you have to seriously consider your logic. You are checking for authentication on javascript, which is going to be dumbest move in a web application.

The password is totally exposed, and any one can view them or turn off the javascript as a whole, then your whole site becomes vulnerable.

My suggestion is an AJAX request to a PHP page which separately checks and verifies the password and then returns message to the Javascript.

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