May 4, 2012

Zend 1.10 place websites in virtual subdirectories

Question by Julien

I have the following situation:
We have a webapp built with Zend Framework 1.10 that is available under

On the server filesystem, we really also have the webapp deployed in /srv/www/webapp

Now, for some reasons I can’t detail too much, the project manager has requested, now that the app is finished, that each client recieves his own url litteraly.
So we would have:

Normally, what start after the webapp/ would be the controllers, actions and so forth from zend.

Therefore the question: is there a quick way in apache to create these virtual subdirectories, as in the example, client1, client2 ?

I guess it should be possible with url rewriting ?

Thanks in advance

Answer by Starx

Rather than creating virtual directories, this can be solved by creating a specific route with Zend_Route. Assuming, controller as User and the action to pass the name would be view, then

$route = new Zend_Controller_Router_Route(
        'controller' => 'user',
        'action'     => 'view',
        'username'   => 'defaultuser'

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