April 18, 2012

'div_element' is null or not an object in IE7

Question by nic

here i have get one error in java script ‘div_element’ is null or not an object.
i have given my code below

function showLoading(id) {
div_element = $("div#" + id)[0];
div_element.innerHTML = loading_anim; // Error in this line

when i debugging my script so it’s working fine in other browser including IE 8. but it’s not working in IE 7.i don’t understand what exact issue occur in this script.

Thanks in Advance.

Answer by Starx

First of all, you dont need to put a tag name infront of the jQuery, unless you have other elements with exact same id on other elements, in other pages.

Next, your statement div_element.innerHTML = loading_anim; is correct. So, the only explanation is that, there is no element with that ID, in the DOM.

Finally, since you are usign jQuery already, no need to mix up native JS and jQuery to create a dirty looking code.

function showLoading(id) {

    div_element = $("#" + id);
    console.log(div_element); //check the console to see if it return any element or not


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