April 10, 2012

From Database language to PHP

Question by FGatlin

I need some help please. I have this from my database:

    iwi.item Item, ppd.item_des Des, iwi.qty_on_hand QOH, iwi.qty_allocated QA, 
    iwi.qty_on_order QOO, iwi.min_qty Minimum, MAX(ppm.expected_date)Exp_Date
FROM inv_warehouse_items iwi, pur_po_master ppm, pur_po_detail ppd)
WHERE IWI.CO = '100'
AND iwi.item_key = ppd.item_key
AND ppm.po_key = ppd.po_key
AND iwi.warehouse = '01'
AND iwi.item IN ('BXHP335',

GROUP BY iwi.item, iwi.qty_on_hand, iwi.qty_allocated, iwi.qty_on_order, 
     iwi.min_qty, ppd.item_des
ORDER BY iwi.item"

And I need it to print out with php.

Answer by Starx

May be like this

$query = "...";
$result = $mysqli_query($db, $query);
while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) {

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