April 9, 2012

html mouse over event, can't show dialog

Question by user595234

I want to show a tooltip based on mouse over event . I have tried this code, but failed, nothing will show up.

Please advise.

<img onmouseover="showLongText();" BORDER=0 height=15 width=15 src="images/pick-button.gif"/>
<div id="longTextDiv" style="display:none;">

<script type="text/javascript">
function showLongText(className, fldName, objId){   
    var longTextDiv = $("#longTextDiv");
    longTextDiv.style.leftPos += 10;
    longTextDiv.style.posLeft = event.clientX;
    longTextDiv.style.posTop = event.clientY;
    longTextDiv.style.display = "";

Answer by Starx

Since you are already using jQuery. You should use

$("img").hover(function(e) {
    var longTextDiv = $("#longTextDiv");
       left : e.pageX,
       top : e.pageY, 
       display : "block"

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