April 1, 2012

Reverse whole date in php

Question by NaeemX2


i was using following code to reverse a date to use in php yesterday.

$d=date("F j Y");
$d=explode(" ", $d);
<?php for ($i=10; $i>0; $i--)
      echo $date;

this was working for me till yesterday 31 March Night. but in the morning on april 1 its started printing



April–1-2012 April–2-2012

and so on.

this was the bad logic i used to reverse a date. i realized it soon.
i want this like following.





and so on

so how this could be possible ?

Thanks in advance.

Well, this also a logic that work perfect for me i made after post of question. but i am really thankful for all answers. that also making me many things clear.

$d=date("F j Y");
 for ($i=0; $i>-10; $i--)
$date="<br>".date('F-j-Y', strtotime("+$i days"));
echo $date;

Answer by Starx

This is probably the quickest way to do it

for($i=1; $i <= 10; $i++) {
    echo date("F j Y", time()-($i*24*60*60)); //Instead of 24*60*60 write 86400 to increase slight performance


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