March 23, 2012

Problems with my javascript, I dont want to validate <select> tags that are disabled

Question by ps__

This javascript will find all my selects and validate them but I want to add that it doesnt validate my disabled selects. How can I code that in my javascript?

$("#next-step").click(function () {

                var $step = $(".wizard-step:visible"); // get current step

                var validator = $("form").validate(); // obtain validator
                var anyError = false;
                $step.find("select").each(function () {
                    if (!validator.element(this)) { // validate every input element inside this step
                        anyError = true;


                if (anyError)
                    return false; // exit if any error found

Thanks in advance!

Answer by ehynds

if (!this.disabled && !validator.element(this)) {
    anyError = true;

or (slower)

$step.find("select:enabled").each(function() {
    if (!validator.element(this)) {
        anyError = true;

Answer by Starx

The easiest way, i know of is to give the select tags, a class like skipvalidation and then

   ignore: ".skipvalidation"

You can find all the disabled elements and add the class as

   ignore: ".skipvalidation"

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