February 29, 2012

The font is not being displayed at the bottom of the container?

Question by Beginner

This is my HTML code to display font with a background in a small container . .

here is the css

.cons_save h4{font:bold 22px/60px Arial,Helvetica, sans-serif;margin:20px 0px -15px 20px; color:#f78d1d;vertical-align: bottom; background:url(../images/save_bg_cons.png) no-repeat; width:151px; height:69px;}

im not able to put it ! in the bottom of that container whatever the other content above it in the container remains


<div id ="<?php echo $store->branch_id;?>Collect" style="display:block">    
 <span class="cons_save fl clr">
  <h4><?php echo $save. " %"; ?> </h4>

Answer by Starx

Don’t put heading tags insides spans

<div id ="<?php echo $store->branch_id;?>Collect" style="display:block">    
     <div class="cons_save fl clr">
        <h4><?php echo $save. " %"; ?> </h4>

And also heading having a lot of margin & padding by default. So might be the reason to come in the bottom. Be sure to clear it

.cons_save h4 { margin: 0;padding:0; }

It works without the reset too, check here

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