January 13, 2011

PHP get all function arguments as $key => $value array?

Question by web lover

function register_template(){
    # the result was an array ( [0] => my template [1] => screenshot.png [2] => nice template .. ) 


register_template(     # unkown number of arguments
    $name = "my template",
    $screenshot = "screenshot.png",
    $description = "nice template .. "

BUT , I want the result array as $key => $value form , $key represents the parameter name.

Answer by Starx

It’s easy. Just pass the array as the parameter instead then later access it as $key => $value inside the function.


This was the best I could think of

$vars = array("var1","var2"); //define the variable one extra time here
$$vars[0] = 'value1'; // or use $var1
$$vars[1] = 'value2'; // or use $var2

function myfunction() {
    global $vars;
    $fVars = func_get_args();
    foreach($fVars as $key=>$value) {
       $fvars[$vars[$key]] = $value;
    //now you have what you want var1=> value1


I haven’t tested it…BTW. But you should get the point

Author: Nabin Nepal (Starx)

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