August 1, 2010

Do you know a jQuery plugin for video file upload?

Question by Morteza M.

I need a jQuery plugin for uploading video files. it should generate some pictures out of movie as it is uploading ( not after the file uploaded ). Do you know such a plugin? if there is no plugin with this feature, can you suggest me some tutorials or articles about doing such a thing?

Answer by Nick Craver

You can’t (as of this answer) do this in JavaScript, it’s forbidden from touching the file like this (for hopefully obvious security reasons). You can find a flash based solution, maybe, but video editing is still a very intensive thing. For thumbnails, you’re best off doing this server-side.

Your comment dismisses this because it’s “time and resource consuming”…trust me, you doing this server-side correctly and returning a few KB in thumbnails is far faster than flash opening and playing with a video to get thumbnails (then uploading those too). Also consider it from a security standpoint, it’s consistent and prevents your uploader from sending fake thumbnails that don’t match the video at all.

Answer by Starx

In My Opinion you cannot find a uploading plugins based on its extension. Like Document uploader, Image uploader, video uploader, game uploader, sql uploader. This is not a genuine question, instead you can a uploader script to upload all these. And what you decide to do, or how you decide to present the uploaded file, its up to you.

Here is a plugin, for all in one purpose


However here are some links which can help

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