May 12, 2010

execute javascript method after completing code behind method?

Question by James123

I want execute below callback() method after completion of document.getElementById('btnDownload').click(); method . Now callback()executing immediatly. I want wait “Click()” process done then Execute callback(); method.

function LoadPopup() {
        //  find the popup behavior
        this._popup = $find('mdlPopup');
        // show the popup;

        // synchronously run the server side validation ...

 function callback() {
        this._popup = $find('mdlPopup');
        //  hide the popup


Answer by Starx

Your question is not clear. But I will give you a example.

For example, you wan to load a page by clicking on a image then after the page load is complete you want to do something you can something like this

$('#buttonid').click(function() {
    //this is the callback function of click event
    //if you want some other callback functions then you need something like this
    $("#somediv").load("page.php", function() {
       //callback function code of .load event
       alert('page loaded');

What you are asking is to have a callback function inside the default callback function of click event and a bit impossible from my point of view.

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